Know Before You Go Program

The "Know Before You Go" avalanche education program was developed and provided to the Central Oregon Avalanche Association by the Utah Avalanche Center.  This is a free basic avalanche awareness program and not a replacement for taking an avalanche class taught by certified avalanche professionals.

The program is designed as a 60-90 minute program in three parts:

  1. A 15-30 minute narrated video, showing avalanches, people triggering avalanches, and the destructive power of avalanches.
  2. A 15-30 minute presentation about the basics of how to recognize avalanche terrain, recognize obvious signs of instability, safe travel practices, the basics of avalanche rescue equipment and self-rescue procedures, and where to obtain information about current avalanche conditions.
  3. A 15-30 minute discussion covering local factors, group Q&A, and product testing.


SheJumps KBYG, 12/06/2017, Lady Specific KBYG offering, Broken Top Bottle Shop Bend, OR 7:00pm. Presented by Lindsey Clark  

East KBYG 1, 12/13/2017, Broken Top Bottle Shop Bend, OR 6:00pm. Presented by COAA Director Kevin Grove 

West KBYG 1, 12/07/2017, Salem Summit, Salem, OR 6:00pm.

East KBYG 2, 1/10/2018, Broken Top Bottle Shop Bend, OR 6:00pm.

West KBYG 2, 1/09/2018, Oregon Nordic Club Pringle Hall, Salem, OR 7:00pm.

East KBYG 3, 2/07/2018, Broken Top Bottle Shop Bend, OR 6:00pm.

West KBYG 3, 1/17/2018, Mt Jefferson Snowmobile Club, Pietro's Pizza Salem, OR 6:30pm.

East KBYG 4, 3/14/2018, Broken Top Bottle Shop Bend, OR 6:00pm.



If you are part of an organization that has interest in hosting the "Know Before You Go" program, please email us at