About Us

COAA was established as a result of an identified need to promote increased avalanche awareness and bolster local forecasting opportunities in the Central Oregon vicinity.

COAA is an Oregon 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our present focus is to organize and support bolstered avalanche educational opportunities in the Central Oregon area. COAA is operated by a Board of Directors that provides financial oversight, and general operations duties. Learn more about the COAA Board.

We are presently involved in:

  • Community avalanche education events
  • Increased distribution of relevant mountain snow and weather data (web-based)
  • Coordination with entities such as National Weather Service and Northwest Avalanche Center to identify gaps and needed equipment to bolster and improve forecasting
  • Provide funding to assist in purchase of above mentioned equipment as identified as best benefit to general public
  • Organizing local for-profit entities to best serve the local community

Future activities entail:

  • Coordination with the US Forest Service and National Weather Service to staff a forecast center for the Central Oregon Range.
  • Provide scholarship opportunities to identified persons to assist in attaining certified avalanche instruction.

Contact Us:
Central Oregon Avalanche Association
2701 NW Scandia Loop
Bend, Oregon 97701

Or via email, info@coavalanche.org

^ Members of the COAA Board of Directors.