Tam Rim Snomo Report

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Saturday, Mar 4, 2017 5:21 PM
Mike Maurer
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Tam Rim Area (44.098221, -121.643200)
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Sat, Mar 4, 2017 - 4:56 PM
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Snow Conditions
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Written Report:
A group of us toured the Tam Rim area on snowmobiles today. Conditions were highly variable throughout the day, but the one consistent was strong winds from the west. We saw light to heavy snowfall on the tour (S1-S3), with a mix of new snow and graupel falling fairly consistently. The extent of blowing snow was intense at times, further supporting the recent discussion from Aaron and Gabe about wind slab and cornice formations continuing to be our biggest problem currently. Air temps stayed consistently a few degrees below freezing, so the new snow was fairly dense during the tour. We rode up the terrain between little and big Three Creeks lake and checked a north aspect at 7060' for snowpack conditions. Our test pit revealed 75 CM of new snow over the old snow from last week. I noted a density change in the new snow ↓15CM, and clearly saw the new/old snow interface ↓75CM. There was a crust in this area ↓100CM. Shovel tilt results were moderate but the shear quality was sudden and planar at the density change (from 1F to 4F) ↓15CM. Compression tests resulted in a moderate failure at the same interface ↓15 CM, and then a hard break failure ↓75CM where the new recent snow met the former snow surface. Bottom line was the bonding at the new/old snow interface was strong, but some moderate weaknesses existed in the upper snowpack. The pic below shows some of the layering we encountered at the sides of the trail.

Pit details:
Elevation: 7060
Aspect: North
Sky: Overcast/obscured
Precip: S1-S3
Temps: Air: -3°C, Tsurf: -2°C
Wind: Moderate, west
Blowing snow: Moderate/intense
New Snow type: PP's and graupel

STM ↓15CM - SP
CTM (12)↓15CM - RP
CTH (27)↓75CM - BRK

Weather & Snowpack
Temperature: -3°C Precip: S2 Moderate snow Wind: West @ 17-25 mph
New Snow: 75 cm Snow Depth: 300 cm Elevation: 60 ft Aspect/Slope: North / 33°