North Sister, Broken Top pics

Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017 4:09 PM
Jim Wintermyre
Three Sisters Area (44.163943, -121.738129)
Ob Date/Time:
Sun, Apr 30, 2017 - 2:30 PM
Report Type:
Avalanche Activity
Mode of Travel:

Written Report:
Was out at North Sister on Sunday, got a few pics of some avy activity I wanted to post up.

First is from the N side of Broken Top. There is a huge crown there, see first 2 pics below. Some friends of friends saw this on Fri (first clear day after storms), so it was there at least since then. That day they reported seeing evidence of lots of naturals including this one. I suspect it went during the storm earlier that week. Another friend who was out at N Sister on Sat says:

"BT avy was there the week before, but it did not cross the entire slope back to the ridge like in your photo. It makes me think it slid twice in that spot over the past two weeks."

Perhaps the one he saw was the one reported in an earlier observation (

Last pic is a couple small windslabs in Thayer area on N Sister. This probably happened on Sat later in the day, as some friends were in that exact area early Sat and reported no slides, though they did find the suspect windslab and bailed at that point. Crown is not super distinct so it probably went Sat when it warmed up, then got a little snow Sat eve. Also note that there is a large schrund opening between the lowest rocks in the choke of the main Thayer line. Friends reported this was bridged earlier on Sat.

Finally, this is probably all moot since conditions are about to totally change with the arrival of real spring weather tomorrow... :)


Caption: Broken Top north side crown

Caption: Broken Top crown closeup

Caption: North Sister Thayer avy activity