Saturday 10/14/2017 Report Aaron Hartz

Aaron Hartz
Report Date/Time:
Saturday, October 14, 2017 8:28 AM PDT

Additional Comments:
It is great people are getting after the early season freshies! Just remember the same rules apply when traveling in the backcountry, even when there are only a few feet of snow on the ground. For an avalanche to occur, you need a slope (usually 30 degrees and above), snow, and a trigger. We have plenty of all three of those right now. Also if you are skiing in bounds at a ski area that has not started its control operations for the are in the backcountry. Carry your gear: beacon, shovel, and probe. Don't get lured into having a false sense of security because there are only a few feet of snow, or its a small slope. We just got word there was a sizable wind slab avalanche on the cone.
Around the western US, there are already reports of avalanche accidents coming in related to human triggered slides.

COAA will not start regular season snow observations/advisories until December. It is great to see some information from the public already!