Sunday 12/3/2017 Report Aaron Hartz

Aaron Hartz
Report Date/Time:
Sunday, December 3, 2017 9:37 PM PST

Additional Comments:
I toured up the S. ridge of Moon mountain and skied runs down the S. ridge and down the southern end of the east face. Height of snow at the bottom of S. ridge (6500ft) was 60cm(24"). Height of snow at 7000ft on the ridge was 80cm (32"). Recent storm snow over the rain crust varied between 10-25cm. Storm snow was well bonded to crust. No snow moving on ski cuts. Light-mod blowing snow was observed in the afternoon at ridge top. Wind was light to moderte out of the west. No significant wind slab was observed, however I did not go to the summit. There was a light snowfall most of the day ranging from trace to 1cm/hour.