Ball Butte

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Monday, Dec 4, 2017 8:45 PM
Aaron Hartz
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Broken Top Area (44.064591, -121.673949)
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Mon, Dec 4, 2017 - 7:18 PM
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Snow Conditions
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Yesterday's powder became today's wind slab. Out at Ball Butte today the wind was alternating from NE to NW. There was blowing snow at ridge tops and across east facing slopes for much of the day. East facing slopes were cross loaded making the snow surface very uneven. Some south facing areas below ridge tops were wind loaded although a few pockets of south to SE facing slopes were semi protected from the wind.
There was very little consistency in depth of wind slab from one place to another. Even though the wind slabs were formed in the last 24 hrs, they seemed fairly well bonded. Results from pulling on hand sheer blocks were mostly moderate to hard. I observed no cracks while skiing over and/or stomping on wind slabs
Some ridge top areas were scoured to the old rain crust.
Evaluate fresh wind slabs carefully. In areas where firm wind slab forms over soft storm snow, they could be sensitive to skier triggering.

Sky: few clouds all day
Air Temp around noon @ 7700ft: -6.5C (20F)
Height of snow, bottom of S. ridge @ 7180ft: 85cm (33")
Height of snow @ 7700ft: 125cm (49")
Wind: throughout the day ranging from Light to Moderate and out of the NE to NW

Temperature: -6.5°C Sky: A few clouds Wind: Northeast @ 17-25 mph
Snow Depth: 125 cm Elevation: 7700 ft Aspect/Slope: / n/a°


Caption: wind affected snow on Ball Butte