Tuesday 03/6/2018 Report Gabe

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Report Date/Time:
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 7:21 PM PST

Location: Broken Hand / Bend Glacier area
Riding Conditions: Good
Snow Conditions: Wind effected
Terrain Ridden: Steep slopes, Alpine slopes
The Day Was: Warm, Sunny

Additional Comments:
We toured around on the Broken Top Plateau and Bend Glacier. The snow was wind-effected everywhere but still soft enough for pleasant skiing. On ridge features the wind was Moderate from the South-West, and we saw Light blowing snow into the upper slopes of Snow creek and onto the Bend Glacier. We saw one older (presumably from the weekend) D2 Slab avalanche on the North East side of Broken Top.

At 12:30, 7740 ft. the temperature was 1.5 C. The day started out with Clear skies but by 3 pm the sky condition was Broken. While we skied mostly North and East aspects, we toured past a couple more sunny slopes and the snow surface was melting on these slopes.