Ball Butte

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Saturday, Mar 10, 2018 4:19 PM
Phil Bowker
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Broken Top Area (44.064919, -121.675140)
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Sat, Mar 10, 2018 - 3:29 PM
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Snow Conditions
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Written Report:
I toured around Ball Butte Today. The 2-3cm (1") of snow we received a couple of days ago was evident on South through North East aspects and at all elevations. The new storm snow is well bonded to the sun crust of previous days. It was a calm, cold, clear night and surface hoar could be seen in the lower more protected areas of Ball Butte.
Higher up on Ball Butte on the the more North East aspects isolated wind slabs, ranging in thickness up to 30cm, have formed below ridge tops. Small cornices can also be seen on North East aspects. The wind slabs are well bonded to the old snow surface, no cracking, whumphing, or other signs of instability was observed. Hand sheer tests gave hard results.
At around mid morning the winds increased from calm to moderate and shifted from the west to a more south east direction. Snow was being transported up out of the east facing bowls to the north west aspects. Boot and ski tracks where filling in by the next ski lap.
Leaving Ball Butte mid afternoon a new thin sun crust was observed on the South aspect.
A good day for skiing.

Weather & Snowpack
Temperature: -2°C Sky: Scattered skies Wind: Southwest @ 1-16 mph
New Snow: 3 cm Snow Depth: 170 cm Elevation: 7956 ft Aspect/Slope: East / 34°