Thursday 12/6/2018 Report Mike

Report Date/Time:
Thursday, December 6, 2018 9:11 AM PST

Location: SE Face Broken Top
Riding Conditions: Good
Snow Conditions: Wind effected
Terrain Ridden: Mellow slopes, Sunny slopes
The Day Was: Sunny

Additional Comments:
Skied SE face of Broken Top on Wednesday (S of Pucker Up), extremely variable snow conditions across the face, very wind affected. Roller balls were observed later in the day as the face warmed up. No signs of instabilities. Observed multiple loose wet slides on the steepest faces affected by the sun. Widespread very large surface hoar was also observed throughout the meadows and other sheltered slopes. Snowpack on the slopes was about 60 cm.

Caption: Shallow snowpack on steeper wind affected slopes

Caption: Surface hoar observed in most sheltered areas