Tam Rim - R2D1 and R1D1

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Recent avalanche activity

Monday, Mar 11, 2019 9:43 PM
Jarred Baker
Tam Rim Area
Ob Date/Time:
Sun, Mar 10, 2019 - 9:00 AM
Report Type:
Avalanche Activity
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Written Report:
On Sunday myself and a group did a tour out at Tam Rim. We left early and were the first on the skin track for the day. We noticed there was more snow than we were expecting for the day. A few new inches over night on top of the previous days couple inches. We chose the first objective as a bowl myself and another had ridden in the past on a N-NW facing slope. The snow looked good as the first rider dropped in. Mid bowl the rider cut skiers right across a convex. A shooting crack was noticed and the rider got to safety on top of a ridge. The bowl below him slid out. This is the first picture. The crown was roughly 30-40cm and estimated at a R2D1.

After this we reevaluated our skiing for the day. Traveled further along the ridge to a treed area adjacent to an open bowl. We dug a pit in the open bowl that was N-NW facing in order to do a column test. There was noticeable hoar 40cm down in the snow pack and a very thin interface at 30cm. We noticed CTM, SP at 30cm (12th strike). It was here we decided to stick to low angle and trees for the day. We set up a Rutschblock test for fun and got results with a slight RB4, full block cracked below the skier at 40cm, this was more for fun and less a scientific test.

We got some epic skiing in the trees for the rest of the day. While heading out and back to the sleds, we skied a spaced out tree section. I was the 6th rider on a path and heading for a regroup. I cut on a convex and caused a R1D1 slide where 5 riders had just skied one at a time in front of me. This is the second picture. You can make out the crown in the photo. Again it was the same layer, roughly 30-40cm down.
Temperature: 25°C Sky: Scattered skies Wind: South @ 1-16 mph

Avalanche Data
Type: SS - Soft slab
Size - Path: R2 - Small
Size - Damage: D1 - Relatively harmless (10m)
Aspect/Slope: North Northwest / 37°       Elevation: ft


Caption: R2D1

Caption: R1D1