Northwest Winds and Buried Surface Hoar at Tam

Observation Date/Time:
Wed, Mar 13, 2019 - 6:52 PM
Tam Rim Area
Report Type:
Snow Conditions  
Travel Mode:
Ski or Snowboard  

Written Report:
I spent the last three days touring at Tam Rim. We found the layer of buried surface hoar everywhere that we dug and as a result skied fairly conservative lines. On Tuesday it was approximately 45 cm. deep and compression test results throughout the terrain ranged from sudden collapses (indicative of possible avalanche activity) to no result.

Monday night through Tuesday night brought a total of 12-15 cm. of new snow. During the storm the wind was from the west and we saw moderate blowing snow at ridgetops and across the terrain. Today the sun came out, and the wind shifted to northwest. We continued to see moderate blowing snow and the many of the upper sections of the rim were being scoured (see picture of north facing slope).


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