Tam Rim Buried Surface Hoar Hunt

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Rapid temperature rise

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Friday, Mar 15, 2019 3:39 PM
Jonas and Sam
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Tam Rim Area
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Thu, Mar 14, 2019 - 12:39 PM
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Snow Conditions
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Written Report:
The problem of the day was the buried surface hoar. We found 15mm surface hoar 40cm down near ridge top on a north aspect but interestingly they weren't standing straight up. See pictures Compression test saw sudden collapse with moderate taps. We moved to the next bowl over and dug down at slightly lower elevation on another north aspect. Surface hoar was not nearly as obvious. Compression test saw sudden planar with moderate taps at 25cm down and then 53cm down. Snow height was deeper than a 2m probe in both areas. The day was sunny and warm. We saw plenty of rollerballs under cliff bands on south- east aspects as the afternoon progressed.
Bottom line is the buried surface hoar is in various forms of decomposition but it's still there. Warm temps and strong sun will be affecting the slopes differently depending on time of day and aspect.
Sky: Clear skies
Elevation: 7600 ft


Caption: 15mm buried surface hoar

Caption: CTM 40cm down