Ball Butte and Broken Top

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Saturday, Mar 23, 2019 8:37 PM
Phil Bowker
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Broken Top Area (44.077473, -121.688647)
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Sat, Mar 23, 2019 - 8:34 PM
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Snow Conditions
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Written Report:
I toured around Ball Butte and Broken Top today. I traveled on south, east and north aspects and the general character of the upper snowpack at all elevations was a 1-2cm melt freeze crust covered by 5-20cm of new storm snow. In exposed areas where the crust was not covered by the recent snow it was generally breakable under skis.

I dug down about 1 meter on the north east aspects to see if I could find any surface hoar but did not find any. As I skied east aspects of Ball And Broken Top I did not see any signs of instability in the form of cracking, whumphing etc. Throughout the tour winds where calm to light from the west, I did not see any blowing snow forming new windslabs. I was in the area until about 3pm, in that time there was no precipitation with high overcast skies.

I did see an old Wet Loose on the east aspect of Ball, pic attached.

A great day of skiing with just enough new snow to keep the skis off the crust :)


Weather & Snowpack
Temperature: -6°C Wind: West @ 1-16 mph
New Snow: 6 cm Snow Depth: 230 cm Elevation: 7988 ft Aspect/Slope: Northeast / 17°


Caption: Old Wet Loose on east face of Ball Butte