Monday 03/25/2019 Report Gabe

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Report Date/Time:
Monday, March 25, 2019 8:38 PM PDT

Location: Tam MacArthur Rim
Riding Conditions: Good
Snow Conditions: Powder, Crusty
Terrain Ridden: Mellow slopes, Steep slopes, Open trees, Convex slopes
Avoided: Alpine slopes
The Day Was: Stormy

Additional Comments:
We skied about 8 cm. of soft newer snow over a supportable crust. Around noon it was snowing lightly and into the afternoon it was snowing very lightly. Probably a total of 2 cm. of new snow when we left around 4 pm. Stormy weather kept us off the top of the rim (just looked unpleasant to transition in the wind), but I did observe moderate wind from the south and light blowing snow at ridge-top.

We didn't see any current avalanche problems in the terrain we skied (at and below treeline), but that particular zone had also been pretty heavily skier compacted during the last week.