Soda Peak- North and Northwest Aspects

Red Flags:
Recent avalanche activity

Thursday, Apr 11, 2019 8:00 PM
Pete Keane
Pro Ob
(44.032737, -121.706371)
Ob Date/Time:
Thu, Apr 11, 2019 - 10:42 AM
Report Type:
Snow Conditions
Mode of Travel:
Ski or Snowboard

Written Report:
Today I toured out the N and NW aspects of Soda Peak. We found excellent riding conditions, with great snow, light winds and no signs of instability or avalanches.

Weather: At an elevation of 6778’ (below treeline) at 10am, the temperature was -4c, there were light winds from the NW, and it was snowing at a rate of less than 1cm per hour. The storm snow depth at this location was 42cm, and the total snow depth at this location was 315cm. The sky was Obscured. Later on, at 11:30am the temperature was -2c. Boot penetration was about 60cm.

Snowpack: The upper part of the snowpack consisted of Fist Hard new storm snow overlying last Saturday’s crust sandwich (1 finger hardness), which at this location was approximately 11cm thick. Below the crust sandwich was weak, moist snow of 4 finger hardness. The grains were rounded polycrystal forms, with water visible between the grains. The crust sandwich was supportable on skis, but it was easy to break through this crust on boots. I didn’t dig any deeper than 80cm, and the weak, moist snow was present to this depth. You can really see the wet snow in the attached photo.

Avalanche Observations and Instabilities: We didn’t observe any avalanche activity throughout our tour. We jumped on a few steep convex rolls, and slopes and there was no reactivity with ski cutting. There was a minor instability in the top 10-15 cm of the new storm snow that we were able to observe with a shovel tilt test, but again there was no reactivity on any ski cuts. The wind had not affected any of the new snow in this area.

Riding Conditions: We found great powder skiing in the upper parts of the run on the NW aspect. Below about 5800’, you could feel the crust under your skis, but it still skied well. The wind had not affected any of the snow in this area. We did not ski any big avalanche terrain today.