Tam Rim Conditions

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Sunday, Apr 21, 2019 10:49 PM
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Tam Rim Area (44.095081, -121.653854)
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Sun, Apr 21, 2019 - 10:23 PM
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Snow Conditions
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Written Report:
It was warm and sunny today at Tam. There were many size 2 and size 3 debris piles from yesterday and possibly the end of last week. Most were Cornice Collapses that then triggered large Loose Wet avalanches (picture 1). In one case the cornice fall triggered a slab (picture 2). There was some sort of debris on any slope beneath large cornices. These were all on North East through North West slopes.

During my tour I didn't see any natural avalanche activity from today, but I would not have been surprised to and would consider them likely as the day continued to warm up.

At 2 pm the surface snow was melting and soft on all slopes except true North. The areas that I skied had good "proto-corn" over a supportable crust.

It is notable that at treeline elevations this crust often overlays weaker wet snow (see picture 3). This is important because while our typical Loose Wet avalanche problems gradually becoming larger as the heat penetrates and melts deeper into the snow-pack, in this case the Loose Wet problem could become drastically larger once the supportable crust deteriorates. My picture is from an East slope at 7000 ft. and shows the fist-hard corn snow, then the 1 finger/pencil hard crust, and beneath that over 30 cm. of 4 finger wet snow.

I could see large Loose Wet avalanches on many of the eastern flanks of North Sister.

At 7700 ft., 1:40 pm:
The sky was clear.
Temperature was 5 degrees F.
The wind was Light from the North
Boot Penetration was 10 cm.


Caption: Debris from Cornice Collapse and Loose Wet

Caption: Cornice Collapse and Slab

Caption: Weaker 4Finger snow beneath crust