Snowpack Summary for 4/18/2017

Recent Activity: 

A relatively large avalanche was reported on a high alpine NE slope on Broken Top over the weekend. The crown was estimated to be over 600ft wide and up to several feet thick and ran 1000ft down to the Bend Glacier. The trigger, type, and when the avalanche occurred are unknown. Aside from that no other reports of avalanche activity have come in.

Issue Date/Time: 
Current Conditions: 

It is difficult to speculate about the layer(s) that were involved with the avalanche on Broken Top reported from the weekend. It is possible the warm up on Saturday weakened the interface between deeper layers in the snowpack. The snowpack does not respond well to rapid changes in temperature. Layer boundaries will remain in the snowpack for a long time. With that said, no reports of specific of weak layers in the snowpack have come in. We have seen several weeks of warm/cold cycles and we have several melt freeze crusts in the upper pack. Our foreseeable avalanche problems will most likely be related to wind loading and surface snow becoming affected by warming.