Snowpack Summary for 4/28/2017

Recent Activity: 

Aaron and Jonas both reported Wind Slab activity on Wednesday. It sounded as if there also may have been some from Thursday's precipitation with a crown spotted on South Sister.

Issue Date/Time: 
Current Conditions: 

Conditions this morning seemed pretty uniform across our region with some new snow over a supportable crust. Clear weather today likely will melt and refreeze the surface of all aspects except perhaps straight north. Being on the right aspect at the right time will be the key to good skiing and avoiding the Wet avalanche problems.

The upper snowpack is a mix of new snow from this week's storms, crusts, and older melt forms. There are no persistent weak layers in our current snow pack. I haven't been able to probe to the ground for quite a while which means there's a ton of snow in the mountains. Happy Skiing late into the season!