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Todd Lake

Observation Date/Time:
Thu, Feb 6, 2020 - 3:07 PM
Phil Bowker
Three Sisters Area / 6776'
Report Type:
Snow Conditions   No Avalanche Activity  
Travel Mode:
Snowmobile   Ski or Snowboard  
Sky Conditions:
Overcast (> 7/8)
Precip Type/Intensity:
Mixed Rain & Snow / S-1 Very light snow
New Snow:
5 cm
Height of Snow (HS):
325 cm

Written Report:
This morning (10:21am) at the top of Todd Ridge winds where calm, air temp was +1c (33.8f), precipitation was mixture of light rain and ice pellets, visibility was fair with overcast skies, boot penetration was 30cm.

The main theme for the day was a widespread rime crust (up to 5cm) at all elevations and aspects around the Todd Lake area. The crust was damp, breakable and covered with up to 5cm of new damp snow in places.

Digging into the snowpack on Todd ridge I could see multiple layers of recent storm snow above the melt freeze crust formed last weekend. During a compression test I got a CT15 BREAK sheer quality at the interface between the old melt freeze crust and the new storm snow 10cm down.

While skiing Todd Ridge I did not see any signs of instability in the snowpack in terms of shooting cracks, whumphing or recent avalanche activity.

Leaving Dutchman at 1:30pm the temp was +3c (37f) and a river was running through the parking lot.



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