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Observation Date/Time:
Sat, Mar 14, 2020 - 12:30 PM
Phil Bowker
Three Sisters Area / 7717'
Report Type:
Snow Conditions  
Sky Conditions:
Overcast (> 7/8)
Precip Type/Intensity:
Snow / S-1 Very light snow
New Snow:
15 cm
Wind Direction/Speed:
W / Moderate: 17-25 mph

Written Report:
Touring up the west side to Tumalo there looked to be 10-15cm (4-6'') of new low density snow from overnight. The last time I climbed Tumalo ski crampons where helpful in getting to the summit, this was not the case this time.

On Tumalo summit at 9:12 winds where light to moderate from the west with some small amounts of snow being transported into the bowl. Visibility was fair with overcast skies. Air temperature was around -5c (22f). Boot pen on the summit was 5cm (2''). It was snowing lightly.

There was around 20cm (8'') of touchy cornice build up at the north end of the bowl, kicking this cornice into the bowl produced a small dry loose avalanche (R1D1). Just under the cornice I found some very small isolated patches of reactive storm slab about 10-15cm (4-6'') deep. These small slabs ran on a weak layer just above the old snow surface. I did not see any new wind slabs.

Skiing the 10-15cm of new low density snow in the bowl was great although the old melt freeze crust could be felt on each turn. I did not observe any new avalanches or whumphing. I did see shooting cracks while ski cutting the small patches of storm slab, but not while skiing lower in the bowl.

Good skiing today.


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