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Santiam South

Observation Date/Time:
Sat, Feb 13, 2021 - 5:19 PM
E. McLaury
Santiam south
The Day Was:
Stormy   Windy   Cloudy  
The Ride Was:
The Snow Was:
Deep powder  
We observed the following "red flag" avalanche conditions:
Recent slab avalanches   Whumphing or shooting cracks   A foot of new snow in the last 24 hours  
We Rode:
Mellow slopes   Open trees  
We Stayed Away From:
Steep slopes   Convex slopes  

Written Report:
Moderate SW winds and fair visibility. Temps warmer than expected around 30 degrees f. We found nearly 50cm of new storm slab sitting on a melt-freeze crust around 6,000 feet. We ski cut the top of a small east facing slope and produced a R2D1 stormslab avalanche. The slide ran 1000 feet, propagated 50 ft with a crown of ~30cm. Although the new storm snow felt right side up, it was indeed sensitive and easily triggered.

We observed wumphing and shooting cracks throughout this zone as we traveled on >30 degree slopes. We decided to not ski any steep slopes in the area, and stuck to mellow glades.

We also observed several small natural avalanches on this east facing slope, small in nature (R2D1).