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Observation Date/Time:
Wed, Feb 24, 2021 - 1:00 PM
Rex Shepard
Broken Top Area / 7533'
Report Type:
Avalanche Activity  
Travel Mode:
Ski or Snowboard  

Written Report:
My buddy sent me a photo this morning of a significant avalanche on Broken Top viewed from Mt. Bachelor.
We decided to go check it out this afternoon.
The line called MAPLICO ripped some time during the end of the storm cycle on Sunday we suspect. Estimated 4-10 foot crowns on the upper face. Appeared to be six inches of snow on top of the avalanche debris with a hard one inch thick ice crust on the surface.
Even though the avalanche debris were days old we decided to search and see if there were any signals. Beacon batteries can last a few days.
Three transceivers were picking up a signal in the area 8m-90m. We couldn’t get a close enough reading on the beacons to even begin probing.
Sure hope a group isn’t buried out there but one of the guys in our group called search and rescue to report the signal just in case there was a burial.
Haven’t heard of any missing persons so it’s probably unlikely.

***Worth noting that my transceiver was picking up false signals at the mountain, parking lot and at home after testing it repeatedly. Model: Arva Neo

Make sure to inspect and test your transceiver regularly. I was really surprised that mine was glitching.

Still some weak layers deep in the snowpack so be careful in the alpine above the treeline.