fbpx Cornice fall /wind loaded slab | Central Oregon Avalanche Center (COAC)
Observation Date/Time:
Sat, Feb 27, 2021 - 8:22 PM
Ryan Giammona
Potato hill ( Santiam Pass)
The Day Was:
Windy   Sunny   Cloudy  
The Ride Was:
The Snow Was:
Deep powder   Wind effected  
We observed the following "red flag" avalanche conditions:
Recent slab avalanches   Whumphing or shooting cracks   A foot of new snow in the last 24 hours   Significant drifting snow from wind  
We Rode:
Mellow slopes   Dense trees   Open trees   Convex slopes  
We Stayed Away From:
Steep slopes  

Written Report:
Lots of fresh and soft powder around hoodoo resulting in severe wind loading with the most recent storm. Expirenced an extreamly large cornice collaspe while on the sled today that triggered a d2 avalanche on the north facing ridgeline of potato hill. I was rougly 75 feet away from the edge of the cornice and based on the small size of the cornice I thought I was well out of the tension zone but still triggered it. The southeast and east aspects were very stable at sand mountain, with no fracturing resulting from compression tests. Stay clear of cornices and watch for wind loading on northern aspects of the Santiam pass area.