fbpx Melt Freeze | Central Oregon Avalanche Center (COAC)
Observation Date/Time:
Thu, Apr 8, 2021 - 7:22 AM
Tam Rim / Broken Hand
The Day Was:
Windy   Warm   Sunny  
The Ride Was:
Good   OK  
The Snow Was:
Firm   Wet  
We Rode:
Mellow slopes   Steep slopes   Alpine slopes   Dense trees   Open trees   Convex slopes   Sunny slopes  

Written Report:
Several days into melt freeze cycle... daytime temps in the 40's and nighttime in the upper 20's. Most the Tam terrain faces north, so its been more freeze than melt with a 4-5 hr window of soft corn skiing before it freezes up. No wet problems to report. No cornice collapses.