Latest Past Events

COAC Know Before You Go

Crows Feet: A Mountain Collective 2843 NW Lolo Dr, Bend

Know Before You Go is a FREE basic avalanche awareness presentation aimed at highlighting introductory concepts and tools for traveling in avalanche terrain. Learn about the destructive power of avalanches, safety equipment, how people get in trouble, and the basics of how to avoid them. In line with COAC’s mission of increasing avalanche awareness and […]

VertFest at Mt. Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor 13000 SW Century Dr, Bend

Race Registration Clinic Registration Rec Map Elite Map COACs VertFest will be held at Mt. Bachelor on Sunday, February 12, 2023 in cooperation with Mt. Bachelor and Crow's Feet, A Mountain Collective! The Mt. Bachelor VertFest race is challenging but is meant to be fun as well. Participants will include everything from the superhuman SkiMo […]


Intro to Uphill Ski Touring and VertFest Preparation

Crows Feet: A Mountain Collective 2843 NW Lolo Dr, Bend

This informational event will cover the ins and outs of ski touring, fitness touring, skimo and splitboarding. We will cover things like gear, how to use everything, what to wear, what to prepare for and more! The Clinic will offer tips, tricks and information about ski touring that will directly help you achieve your goals […]