Public Observation #2023-1073

March 8, 2023 4:47 PM
Observation Date:
March 6, 2023
Zone or Region:
Central Cascades
McKensie Pass High Way 242
None reported
I did not witness this event. I received data from the grooming operation by the Mt Jefferson Snow mobile club as they were grooming hwy 242 on Monday night about 10:00 pm
Please contact them . I was relayed this information from face book.
I am helping in a very limited way for the John Craig ski event on this highway on March 18 where participants will be skiing from below the east snow gate to the observatory on top of McKenzie highway. This looks like the slip face was about 5 feet down. I suspect a hoar frost face is forming . This drift is a new phenomenon probably because of the forest fire changing wind patterns. As the groomer (20000 pound) was cutting a trail through the drift the snow blocks pushed the groomer side way nearly off the road.
The drift is about 0.8 miles below windy point.
I can't figure out how to send these pictures to you but I think you can get them from the MTJsnow mobile club