Public Observation #2021-511

December 24, 2021 12:48 PM
Observation Date:
December 24, 2021
Zone or Region:
Central Cascades
Tumalo summit, top of bowl
None reported
Team of 3 dug test pit at top of Tumalo on the lee (NE) side of summit. Wind transport had been observed during the approach. Fist hardness snow was observed down to 40-50cm, transitioning gradually to 4 fingers between 50-60 and 1 finger at 70cm. Last week's rain crust was found at 90cm. Total depth averaged 140cm.
Compression tests yielded minor collapses at 30cm and 60cm with no energetic failures.
Column tilt test did not shear or fail all the way down to the 90cm rain layer, block fell over as a solid unit.
We skied the bowl one at a time and found excellent powder with no indications of instability.