Public Observation #2022-572

January 7, 2022 10:37 PM
Observation Date:
January 7, 2022
Zone or Region:
Central Cascades
Willamette Pass backside
None reported
I went for a skin today on the backside of Willamette Pass. The northwest side(FDN) was scoured by the wind with icy tree bombs at the top. A few hundred feet below the ridge, there were snow patches. The SE face had about 12 cm of new snow on top of the crust, which had some give to it, making for good skiing. No signs of instablity. I was unable to get shooting cracks or whumfing on any of the test slopes. My test pit had minor wind loading. You can see the cornice in the background of the pit picture. It stopped snowing and the skies cleared about 4 PM.

Time: 12:10 PM
Winds: NW 30 mph
elevation: 6.600'
Snow depth on front side 8-10 cm on top of rain crust.
0-10 cm fist
10-15 cm 4F
15-17 cm 1F
17-137 Fist
137 - depth of ski pole probe. Probable bottom of storm snow.