Public Observation #2023-954

January 8, 2023 7:25 PM
Observation Date:
January 8, 2023
Zone or Region:
Central Cascades
5440' - 6080' around Devils Lake area
None reported
Snow from 5040' to around 5600' has gone through some serious warming trends in the previous days resulting in a hard, crunchy, thawed then froze layer. New snow on top was somewhere in the 4"-6" range and much lighter, though still somewhat dense. Lots of evidence of "bomb holes" from the thaw. No snow instability/movement was recorded at this level.

Snow above 5600' to above 6000' was much lighter and no layer from the thaw/freeze was observed. Snow rode deep, felt like 24"+, most likely everything over the last 7 days. Again, no instability/movement or other observations to give hesitation were observed. Everything ridden was below tree line, and snow appeared to be well sheltered from wind.

Great day to be in the woods!