Public Observation #2023-955

January 8, 2023 10:04 PM
Observation Date:
January 8, 2023
Zone or Region:
Central Cascades
Tumalo Mtn.
None reported
On the skin up, we witnessed some of the new storm snow sliding in very soft easily broken slabs on top of previous days' snow. The top of Tumalo had very strong western winds that at times created near whiteout conditions. Saw no signs that anyone had skied the bowl yet. Dug a quick pit about 20' below the rim for compression tests. On the third elbow tap, we observed a 10cm deep fracture and pulled off a cohesive slab. Tossed the piece down the headwall and it rolled quite far without breaking up. Continued the compression test, and on the 5th full arm drop we got another fracture around 60cm depth. Recleaned the pit back wall and jumped on the snow above it. After about 5 jumps, the 60cm depth fractured again and slid out.

We turned around and skied the frontside trees.