Public Observation #2023-979

January 14, 2023 9:49 PM
Observation Date:
January 14, 2023
Zone or Region:
North West ridge of Paulina peak
Did you see shooting cracks? 
Did you experience collapsing or whumpfing? 
We dug a pit at 7004ft with a slope of 22 degrees on NW facing slope it was snowing with moderate winds with a temp of -4 C total snow depth was 175cm. We did a CT which yielded a CT 8 at 7 cm we also got results lower down with more force at 15cm and 61cm. We did not get any propagation from the upper layers with an ECT. With a saw propagation test we missed the 61cm layer but with some pressure on the top of the isolated block we got a scary sudden planar fracture on the 61cm layer. Seems like a thin layer of surface hoar that was buried while looking closely at the grains. We also felt some weird collapsing in some areas of the tour didn’t feel too deep though so I would guess it’s that 7cm or 15cm layer we were able find in the column test.